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The Role of RTA-PCM in Supporting Innovation in Sustainable Renewable Natural Resource Systems

RTA-PCM supports project management in the Natural Resources Sectors.

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The Scientific Training and Research Initiative for Development, Education and Sustainability

Welcome to The STRIDES Foundation (TSF) which provides support for the professional development of young to middle career scientists based in developing countries who are engaged in cross-disciplinary research teams investigating sustainable uses and development of innovative management options in the Water and Biological Resources sectors. ,

By employing strategic alliances with institutions based in developing countries, as it has with the Training Centre in Communication (TCC) at the University of Nairobi in Kenya, TSF organizes and delivers high standards of workshop training in stakeholder communication, experiment design and project cycle management (PCM) using a combination of distance education and real time auditing techniques (RTA) and related open resource teaching tools. These activities are strengthened substantially by use of dedicated RTA-PCM technology enabling constant oversight by researchers, stakeholders, beneficiaries and donors alike of all ongoing activities in any given research project.

TSF coordinates funding from private and public donors to jointly sponsor seminars, in-service workshops and field-based training courses to advance TSF support so as to increase the levels of innovation and sustainability of scientific outputs derived from locally based research activities and to ensure a collective responsibility for successful project outcomes.

RTA-PCM technology provides online support for:
  • A grant application service in cases where funds are available for supporting research teams
  • The research proposal drafting, writing, submission and evaluation processes
  • Optimizing experiment design to reduce risk, raise scientific application standards and increase likelihood of innovative outcomes
For successful STRIDES grantees, the RTA-PCM technology also provides a comprehensive project level management system covering:
  • Implementation through to project completion and adoption of research outputs
  • Resources management, monitoring of all operations and performance assessment